Anna van der Putte

Self-taught multi-media artist Anna van der Putte (1969) makes assemblages, installations, and paper and textile art. Although meticulous execution comes naturally to her, she is a true generalist, having sampled many techniques, and her work is often conceptual in nature.

Van der Putte is driven by a personal urge to source, sort and rearrange objects. In recent years, she has worked exclusively with vintage and salvaged materials and objects. Seeing snippets of beauty in the most insignificant or worn items, she is passionate about salvaging this beauty. Keenly aware of her personal and our universal need for belonging and safety, she regroups orphans objects. Cherishing fragility and transience gives her a sense of meaning and security in a world she finds challenging.

Most of her works are distinctly tactile, inviting touch, curiosity and play. Within a piece or series, the range of colours and materials used is typically strictly limited. Van der Putte mostly chooses neutral shades, but now and then bursts out in striking monochromes, impeccably colour-matched. She enjoys word play, mixing visual metaphors (combining objects from unrelated professional or domestic contexts), and drawing on the cultural connotations of objects (for example, the inherent ‘authority’ of a printed book). She has a particular fascination with all manner of receptacles; boxes, frames, books, envelopes, bottles and bowls, as well as a love for vintage office items, systems and registrations, grids and schedules. Apart from tangible art works in a wide variety of techniques, she has in the past created institutions and events.

Anna van der Putte 
lives and works in Utrecht, The Netherlands. She welcomes communication, questions, studio visits and collaborations. Do get in touch!

Send Anna a message here. Anna regularly posts on Instagram: @wijzemeisjes.

Wijze Meisjes (Wise Girls)

pronounciation:  ˈwɛɪzə ˈmɛɪʃəs  (try saying something like: wayza macius)

Wise girls follow their own path.
They focus on small, important things.
They take their obsessions seriously and try to uncover beauty wherever they go.

The wise girls trade mark and mission statement evolved from a collaboration in 2016.