Anna van der Putte

In my studio in Utrecht, The Netherlands, I make assemblages, installations, paper and textile art. Working on multiple scales and across artistic disciplines, the point of convergence in my work is to extract the essence of human experience that has become embedded in old objects and materials.
I am driven by a personal urge to source, sort and rearrange objects. Seeing beauty in the most insignificant or worn items, I want to salvage their fragility and present it in a new light. Keenly aware of my personal and our universal need for belonging, I regroup orphan objects and build shelters and communities.

I welcome communication, questions, studio visits and collaborations. Do get in touch!
Send me a message here. I regularly post on Instagram: @wijzemeisjes.

Wijze Meisjes (Wise Girls)

pronounciation:  ˈwɛɪzə ˈmɛɪʃəs  (try saying something like: wayza macius)

Wise girls follow their own path.
They focus on small, important things.
They take their obsessions seriously and try to uncover beauty wherever they go.

The wise girls trade mark and mission statement evolved from a collaboration in 2016.