Come to Your Senses

Texture. Curiosity. Weight. Surprise. An invitation to come to your senses.

One day, I started covering balls, with vintage paper and book pages. Different papers yielded fascinatingly different textures. I became slightly obsessed with balls of all sizes and materials, hunting for them in charity shops. Some balls I kept as I found them, but most I covered. There's no way of telling, just by looking at them, whether they are light or heavy, hard or giving, warm or cold.

You're invited to touch, play, explore, arrange, delight.

Come to Your Senses 1

embroidery ring, leather, balls  |  2020  |  23x23x7cm

Come to Your Senses 2

bread basket, balls  |  2020  |  19x30x9cm

Come to Your Senses 3

my grandmother’s dough mixing bowl, fabric, balls  |  2020  |  36x36x9cm

Come to Your Senses 4

film can, fabric, balls  |  2020  |  38x38x9cm

Come to Your Senses 7

wooden tray, balls, embroidery, found objects  |  202  |  28x36x6cm

Come to Your Senses 8

porcelain mortars, wooden bowl and spoon, rings, balls  |  2020  |  ±18x22x12cm