Random Acts of Colour

An invitation to play, puzzle, explore, have fun.
I tend to sort my bits and pieces in the studio by colour or material. Some have been featured in flatlays on Instagram, only to be put away in their boxes and drawers again. That didn't suit them, they wanted to come out again to play and be played with. They're happy in these 3D-puzzle-flatlays, which are also reminiscent of architectural city models. Put one on your desk for some welcome distraction.
To be continued!

Red Playscape

used objects, toys, bits and pieces  |  2021  |  28x28x29cm

Yellow Countdown

abacus frame, game pieces, toys   |   2022   |   27x42x9cm

Green Playground

found objects and toys  |  2021  |  17x17x38cm

Yellow Patch

blocks, toys   |   2021   |   11x11x7cm

Red Castlet

blocks, game pieces, book cover fragment   |  2021  |  13x8x12cm

Small Blue Things

at Galerie XS Delft

block, puzzle and game pieces, stamp, other bits   |    2021   |   14x12x11cm

Green in Formation

at Galerie XS Delft

weights block, game pieces, marbles, toys, bolt   |   2021   |   12x5x9cm