Please get in touch

Communicating and connecting with you about my art is my heart’s delight. To enquire about options or prices, please just get in touch with me on the contact page! Choose your preferred channel of communication or come visit me in my studio in Utrecht. 

Feel free to have an honest discussion with me if you love a piece but your budget doesn’t stretch. Far more than the exhange of an object for money, I want to focus on the exchange of value , which can have more elements than just money. I live on a fairly tight budget myself though; so if yours is ample, I will be happy to accept some of it.

I am happy to investigate international shipping options and customs requirements with you.  


Each piece from this Treasury is €25, to include its customised box and a certificate issued by the Treasurer.

The catalogue, printed in full colour, is a chunky 272 postcard-sized pages and costs €20.

If you would like to put together your custom Treasury collection, I suggest that you get in touch with an initial selection of pieces and the overall budget you have in mind. I will come back to you ASAP with suggestions for suitable combinations and customised display options.